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Subject:teal deer time!!!
Time:11:41 pm
Current Mood:pessimisticpessimistic
So Scans Daily got shitcanned.

I missed the whole thing 'cause I signed off my lj friends page less than an hour before it happened. (I later read that it happened about 1 am on Saturday morning, my time.) and I never went on LJ on Saturday 'cause well..it's Eurovision National Final season and a Saturday night in said season is chock full of national final and semi final webcasts and ESC fansite threads full of hilarity and gossip and omg what is she wearing etc (I was following the Swedish and Latvian webcasts and later the Portuguese one and monitoring the fan reaction on three different ESC fansites!.... so that didn't leave a whole lot of time for LJ.!)

So I didn't find out about SD until Sunday night. And I'm afraid to say, I didn't even notice its absence from my friends page until I saw it mentioned on the Newsarama feed. (I have a lot of other comics blogs friended and I wasn't paying that much attention) And then me and A. were spending most of Monday and Tuesday morning on his new boat so I couldn't catch up much. (and we had to go to bed early on Sunday night so we could do all this and since I'd just found out about S_D it was frustrating to say the least!)

I was a bit confused at first because I hadn't read the entire thread that caused all the wank that seemingly lead to this. I did read the first part of the thread at the time before all the wank erupted when thin skinned butthurt boy Peter David showed up. See, I generally just read SD threads once and rarely returned to them. I wish I had gone back to this one! (I finally got to read screencaps of it after a few days of following links, now it all becomes clear!)

I remember thinking at the time that Kali's post (the now infamous fuck you peter david post) was rather over the top. It made me shake my head a bit because it was all too reminiscent of a slight argument I had had on SD when some Cassandra Cain fangirls poured venomous abuse on a fanartist because he or she had drawn lots of Bat-characters and left Cassandra out. And they were scathing because the artist had disrespected "Cass". (when they refer to a fictional character by a cutesy pet name as if they were a real person who they had a real relationship with you know they are fanatics who take it way too seriously. I noted that Kali constantly referred to Theresa Cassidy as 'Terry.' QED.)

And I got quite cross at this entitled fanbrat shit and pointed out that the fanartist was under no obligation to draw their pet character if they didn't want to and I said that I was fairly indifferent to the character myself to rather say "hello it's not a crime if someone doesn't like the same character you do and it doesn't make them scum". And I rather fear that this got me labelled as another Evil Enemy In The Great Anti Cass Conspiracy because I saw what I feared was a snarky reference to 'Cass haters' a couple of weeks later and I was like oh shit is that a dig at me. (and I think they totally missed the point I was making -that it wasn't an attack on the Cassandra Caine character it was an attack on their Fanbrat Entitlement all too reminiscent of the lack of perspective of comic fans in general that I see time and time again on comics forums.

And Kali's post I saw in very much the same light. She took the percieved insult to "Terry" rather too personally and seriously. I felt at the time that she very much lacked a sense of perspective here. Mind the reaction of PAD and his wife was even more crass. And, due to my happy funtime personality disorder that I'm cursed with I'm pretty thin skinned myself. (which is why I don't post much in public anymore)

I find it rather pitiful that PAD and his wife are now crying victim when they trolled SD and got it closed down. Hypocrites. (Yeah she said on her blog that they didn't but that's just semantics, he did it indirectly but he still set it in motion and I think he knew just what he was doing). And she made a public post on the subject and then her sister chased people off with this is her personal journal fuck off la la la. )(then why did she make a public post on it? Jeez.) Maybe she should have thought about that when she did her butthurt whining on SD (oh noes they said something MEAN about my husband! FFS)

Then again I think Kali and the other hyperbole slingers have been a bit naive. The journal entries were public. Of course the creators being attacked could potentially read them! Why so surprised? If SD had friends locked most of its entries it would still be here. The successor community on Insane Journal is still posting open entries- they haven't learned the obvious lesson! Friends lock is your friend! Ack.

For what it's worth I don't think Kali is a bad person. She made a mistake and it seems she realises that now. I get that we as comic fans get passionate about our favourite characters. I do too. But sometimes I think we should get some perspective and dial it down a few notches. It's comics, not life and death. That goes for PAD and his wife too.
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Time:02:02 am
Somebody left a nasty comment on my deviant art page and I don't know why. The tone of it seemed personal like they hated me. What the hell did I do?

I see the bitch is a member of customers suck. Is it because of that angry comment I made because some guy got beaten up by some kid whose red hair he made fun of? Was she that man's workmate? It might explain the overly personal tone. I suck? She doesn't know me. I have avoidant personality disorder. Being judged by strangers is a thing that I really fear and dread. That's why that comment came over so angry in that comment. Maybe it was too angry. I did say in the comment that what the kid did was wrong. But I think making fun of people you don't know is also wrong. And I'm damn well entitled to that opinion.

Making nasty personal comments on a page of mine that has nothing to do with LJ because I expressed an opinion she doesn't like? Childish and bitchy.

Some people need to grow the fuck up.

If it was her-I'm sorry your workmate got beat up. But there's a thing called good manners that says you don't talk shit to people you don't know. Yes, he brought it on himself. Sorry if you don't like the fact that I think that. This doesn't mean I suck. It means I have a different opinion to you. Get over it.

The avoidant personality disorder has fucked everything up again. Oh joy.

And my art is good. Better than your shitty Harry Potter fanfic. Harry Potter books are fucking badly written shit meant for fucking nine year olds. Of course an immature bitch like you would be obsessed with them. Fuck off.

Subject:esctoday post
Time:10:49 am
Current Mood:excitedexcited
We don't require 'big names' per se, what we need are solid, competent real musicians with proven track records who can be relied upon to sing on key on the night. (unlike some *cough* jemini *cough*). They don't necessarily have to be hugely famous.

Just no more z-list reality show refugees/gossip column fluffies please. I look at the Finnish NF and they have the creme de la creme of their national music scene competing. We have some random bimbo from X factor or something. Is it really such a surprise we do so badly?

Andy Abraham, being at least an established if not terribly famous artist (yes I know he was from some reality show originally too.) is a step in the right direction. However the song just isn't good enough. With all the musicians in the UK I can't believe no one would be interested.

The ESC in the uk has an image problem. We need to stop pushing it as a kitsch camp 'so bad it's good' thing and start taking it seriously like the rest of Europe. Change the image and more credible people will want to compete. (It doesn't help that Terry Wogan thinks it's a huge joke and makes no secret of the fact that he thinks it's cr**, witty as his commentary usually is.)


I am just a tad ESC obsessed just now. Only 20 something days to go!!!!
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Time:01:01 pm
Current Mood:thoughtfulthoughtful


Qele Qele- Sirusho (SF 1, drawn 14.)

This seems to have become a favourite. Lots of people seem to think this is a contender for the win. I think it's rather boring and sounds like a lot of other songs. Does not sound like a winner to me, but I've been wrong before. A sound very typical of south eastern Europe/western Asia so it may appeal to televoters from that region. I don't find the melody that memorable. Doesn't stand out for me.


Day After Day - Elnur and Samir (SF1, drawn 7.)

A lot of people seem to hate this, but I like it! It stands out with the faux operatic stylings. And it has a catchy chorus. I think this may well do better than a lot of fans think. It would not surprise me at all if it qualified for the final. A strange but enjoyable hybrid of rock and opera. Not the predictable pop record that neigbours Armenia put out. A brave choice for Azerbaijan's debut, I'd like to see it do well.


Hasta La Vista - Ruslan Ahleno (SF2, drawn 9)

Not bad. It's a grower, unfortunately to succeed in the ESC, you need a song that is immediately catchy to hook the casual fans (the vast majority of the audience) who have probably never heard the song before and may well never hear it again. Again, there are much worse songs than this in the contest this year, it's not bad, but it's not great either. Doesn't stand out from the crowd. A solid but unexciting effort.


Pokusaj - Laka (SF1, drawn 13)

I like it. Very original and a good melody. Unlike so many others it does stand out from the crowd. But in a good or a bad way? I suspect the quirkyness might put a lot of people off. I hope that they would be more open minded about it, but I think the first thoughts of people with conservative musical tastes will be 'this is bollocks!' or words to that effect. People seem to think this as a kneejerk response whenever confronted with anything new or different in music. It's much like the refusal of a toddler to eat unfamiliar foods in case it might poison him or her. (It's an evolutionary thing!)Maybe there is an evolutionary explanation for music tastes too. Anyway I hope it will do well, but I think it may be too ahead of its time.

more anon
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Current Music:Casanova- Gisela
Subject:ESC song review part 1
Time:12:37 pm
Current Mood:productiveproductive
The Eurovision Song Contest is about a month away!! Oh boy! It's nearly that time of year again. When I have to justify to a bored and incredulous life-partner why I think the ESC is awesome because he thinks it is crap. He has no taste. He would rather look at a documentary on Land Rovers. There's no accounting for taste. Which probably explains most of the winning songs. O ho ho ho o ho etc. (I think of that laugh as being in the style of Esmeraud from Sailor Moon R laughing theatrically and covering her face with her ostrich feather fan. With cake crumbs on her face. And then she destroys Tokyo. But I digress.)

Song review time! part 1! In roughly alphabetical order.


Zemren E Lame Peng - Olta Boka. (Semi Final 2-drawn 6.)

Apparantly Olta has berated RTSH (the Albanian tv channel) for not funding any promotion of her song! Makes you think that RTSH would have some trouble financing the contest if Albania were to win. Well as stories go it's not quite up to the usual alledged plaigerism scandals of which there are usually one or two every year but it's all we have so far!

It's quite a nice song actually. Mid tempo ballad. Quite a nice catchy chorus. Heartfelt vocals. Very typical Albanian entry. But none the worse for it. Might do better than most people expect. I'm surprised this one hasn't been mentioned more often. There are much worse songs in the contest this year that have had much more attention. A dark horse. Could do well or sink without trace.


Casanova-Gisela (SF1,drawn 12.)

Very catchy. Very typical ESC fare. I suspect that it may not stand out among the many similar songs. That would be a shame because it is quite good. However its lack of originality may well count against it. It all depends on the performance on the night. (or if Gisela is lucky, the nights!) A charismatic performance and on-key vocals will make all the difference. A nervous, off-key performance will most probably doom it. Andorra really do deserve to qualify for the final for the first time and this is their catchiest entry yet.

More later.
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Subject:Scans daily post + dream
Time:12:14 pm
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
I'm also rather skeeved by the way that Plastic Man's oh-so-hilarious sexual harassment episodes are played as light hearted jokes by male writers. That incident when he disguised himself as a dress? Not funny. Groping a woman's body without her knowledge or consent? That's not 'oh that scamp Plas!' as it was played. That's fucking not far off of rape. I can't believe anyone thought that was a good idea. (And that Plastic Man, a hero, is written to be doing that sort of thing.) It speaks volumes about the writer's attitude to women, is all I can say.

Ditto this. It's supposed to be funny. Looking at women naked without their knowledge or consent. It's not funny. If that happened to me in real life I would feel violated. So would most women. Let me guess, the writer of this is a man? No? Really? Who would have guessed? Pah.


I did really really hate the 'Plas disguises himself as dress' thing. Sexual assault is a cute little joke. Oh just fuck off! It would have been fitting indeed if Barda had broken his fucking neck. (Mind, he probably doesn't even have bones that can be broken but you can dream can't you?)

I had a dream that Alan Scott, the golden age Green Lantern was running a chemist's (or a drug store as they would say in America). Jade and Obsidian were helping behind the counter. Green Arrow came in and had a whispered conversation with Alan. Then Alan turned to Jade and Obsidian, who were at the other end the shop and yelled brightly "hey kids, Ollie's got the clap!"

That was a great dream.
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Subject:Creepy! Strange! Over the Intercom they announce Vrillon's real name!
Time:10:22 pm
Current Mood:thoughtfulthoughtful
There was a cool and eerie incident many years ago in my native land, Englandshire. (or as Arthur Lee of Love once memorably put it 'England Town'). In 1977, the early evening ITN news on Southern TV (that was the ITV franchise area for southern England at the time), was interrupted by the voice of an alien ! Or a really bored and/or stoned middle class hippy student with some transmitting equipment, take your pick. (I say middle class because of the putative alien's accent. Also, hippiedom was a strictly middle class thing. Punk was deliberately styled as a working class reaction to it, as I recall.) But I digress.

For years I only had a brief edited mp3 of this, I searched and searched but this was all that there was on the Internet. Lately I've found that a complete version is doing the rounds! And here it is-

Most of the commenters on this and other pages on the Internet that discuss this get it very wrong. They keep insisting (as does the writer of the text on the film linked here) that towards the end there is interference picked up from other stations. Not so. To an English person who remembers British tv from the time it is very obvious. The bursts of dialogue and music that interfere with Vrillon's speech towards the end are quite obviously the adverts that are playing on Southern TV after the news. At one point I hear a voice that sounds very much like Richard Briers , an actor who has been an advert voicover mainstay on British TV since before I was born. (I don't know for sure that it is him, but the voice is indeed familiar regardless) Another clear bit that can be heard is obviously a catfood advert.

Just before the Loony Tunes theme, we hear the Southern TV ident music. As seen here.

Then a Looney Tunes cartoon is played. (ETA-it's actually a Merrie Melodies! but it's got the Looney Tunes theme.) All the Americans on the internet seem to think this was either broadcasted by Vrillopad (ho ho)or inserted by someone else later. Er, no. Southern TV was playing an old cartoon after the news. These old cartoons were always on TV back then. ITV and BBC alike. Whenever the schedule was running a bit behind they would bung one on. Surely the fact that we hear the continuity announcer apologising for the breaks in sound (because in the past few minutes Southern TV had been inundated with hundreds of phone calls from freaked out people who thought an alien invasion was imminent-makes you wonder if they actually even listened to the message. No spiritual evolooootion bom bom bom for you!)immediately after the Looney Tunes closing theme would make it kinda obvious (there's that word again)? (Southern TV had no idea what was going on and were totally bemused of course)

The cartoon is 'The Goofy Gophers' (1947). And here it is!

Astounds me how many people on the Internet say this is on the BBC. Even though the words 'ITV' and 'ITN' are mentioned several times. Are people really stupid? Yes. Yes they are.

A lot of people seem to think this is a radio broadcast. The only radio portion of this is the IRN (independent radio news) report from the next day near the end. The rest was on TV. This impression is given I think because there is no known version of this with the visuals. Unfortunately video recorders were very expensive and very rare in 1977 so probably none exists. As someone who has been interested in this incident for a long time that would be the holy grail! Kind of like the Babushka Lady's JFK assassination film which may or may not exist etc.

The short burst of Mountain's 'Nantucket Sleighride' that can be heard after the end of the next day's bulletin would have been a trailer for Sunday lunchtime current affairs programme 'Weekend World' which used that tune as its theme. It was a very very very dull programme. At least I thought so as a child!

There's more I can say about this but this entry is getting way too long so I'll break off here for now.
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Subject:a scans daily post/a bit more
Time:09:57 pm
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
You know what I hate about Bendis' dialog? That character, who in years and years of stories have never sworn are suddenly as foul mouthed as the proverbial navvie. I mean it's asterisk ampersand this and asterisk ampersand that? I can buy this from Jessica Jones who was established as a foul mouthed wench from the first.
But Black Widow going 'you're fwording Captain America?', Jarvis having an extremely ooc moment and calling Tigra a bitch for obscure reasons? And we have yet another example here.

Yes I know it was because of the Comics Code Authority not deliberate characterisation but it really really really asteriskampersanding JARS. These characters do not pepper their sentences with swear words. It's not big and it's not clever and it's certainly not in character.

Gosh anyone would think that Bendis is an overrated hack who can only write in one voice or something. I loved Alias.Thought Jessica Jones was a great character. Colour me surprised when I find out it's the only character he knows how to write!

Guess the ampersanding joke's on me huh?


Oh yeah that moment with Natasha going 'You'll always be Fucking Captain America' really burned my britches. Maybe I have an overly idealistic idea of the character but Natasha is ruthless and hard as nails, yes. But she's also classy. As a spy she would have been trained to blend in with the creme de la asterisking creme of society. Someone with this background would not be foul mouthed imho. Then again maybe it's because I don't want a chara who I've been reading about since I was literally a child being the sort of foul mouthed fishwife who I have to suffer sitting near to on buses or something.

Sorry but the Natalia Alianovna Romanova that lives in my head (ooo soulbonding! no don't worry, I'm not a loony, I do realise she's fictional) is a classy woman who would not talk like that. (Remember too, she's very long lived thanks to the Soviet equivalent of the Super Soldier Serum. She is an old woman in a young woman's body. She comes from a time when that kind of language was Not The Done Thing.)That asterisked me right off, I can tell you.
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Subject:Major Spoilers.com comment
Time:03:26 pm
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
Great article..though your insistence on referring to Superboy as ‘Tom Welling’ is deeply annoying, especially since the comics featuring him precede the Smallville series by years. The ‘Tom Welling’ joke really isn’t that funny, it’s more annoying as I have to take several seconds to think “who the hell is Tom Welling? I don’t remember a Legionnaire called tha-oh”.

and Lar and Tasmia’s wedding involved not action figures on sticks, but her cutting off one of her fingers iirc. Those whacky Talokians.


The comment is awaiting moderation! Aw man! From here-http://www.majorspoilers.com/archives/2731.htm/#comment-51071 . It is a very good overview of Mon-El's history but that 'Tom Welling' thing annoys the heck out of me. Tom Welling the actor was most probably a child/not born yet when most of those comics were published. The 'Smallville' series was years in the future. So why refer to a character by the name of an actor who will portray a version of said character about 20 years later? It's so annoying. The Earth 1 Superboy has sod all to do with the Tom Welling version! Doesn't look like him, doesn't have a personality like him, doesn't have a history like him, nothing!

And as I said in my comment, it may be that I'm getting old but when I'm reading about familiar old characters and someone uses a completely different name for one it does take me a few second to remember which chara they are darn well talking about. It's confusing. (and since I've only watched maybe 2 or 3 episodes of 'Smallville' in passing like four years ago and I'm not a fan, the name 'Tom Welling' doesn't click in my mind automatically as being connected to Superboy. I have to think about it!)

And you may say, dear reader why are you so het up about such a minor thing? And I would say I'm really not. But it's just annoying. Annoying. Oh so annoying!

That's all.
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Subject:Simoun fanfic!!!! I wrote it!
Time:07:00 pm
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished
Springday Eve

That morning, Guragie and Anubitu stood on the edge of the Ri Maajon pool. This was their first visit of the day. They planned to go there in the afternoon and early evening too, on this, their last full day as Sybillae.
Anubitu said-"Gu, it's hard to believe that this is one of the last times we will do this-remember when we were cadets we were so jealous of the Sybillae because they could do this and we could not and maybe we never could if we didn't graduate to be one of them." Guragie blinked. The long run on sentence without a pause for breath was so typical of Anubitu when she was excited. She was very eager for tomorrow to come.

"We were never going to fail to become Sybillae. We were too good. First and second in our class." said Guragie sullenly. Anubitu went on ignoring her friend-"Remember the third in our class? Lyrinas? She dropped out, remember? Her father died and she had to go home. Without her father's wages they couldn't pay the academy fees. Old Instructor Olisaf was most put out about it. Said she had the makings of a fine Sybilla."

"I know " said Guragie with a tone of weary resignation. "I was there, remember?". Anubitu went on, "That's why my mother said girls from poor families should never be Sybillae. You know I don't agree with that, Gu, and I never have. She's so old fashioned. It's a drag."

"She's very traditional, your mother." said Guragie with the inflection of one who was having a conversation she had had many times before. "Yeah well, she just missed out on being Sybilla Aurea. Halcon beat her by five marks on the final flying exam. She's always been bitter about that. Every time I go home it's "-oh if only I had done this, done that, performed that turn, done that more difficult ri maajon. Then she would have been Sybilla Aurea and not Halcon."

"And she would have been vice-chair of the Council and Halconf-who would still be Halcon of course, would be a lowly housewife like her." said Guragie like a child reciting a particularly dull list of dates of historical battles.. "Yeah, something like that." Said Anubitu thoughtfully. "How can she know that Halcon would not have chosen to be male if she had not won Sybilla Aurea? Mama can't possibly know that. It's between you and Onashia."

"Yes well, she could have chosen to become male herself. She could have got a good job in the Theocratic Military or Government hiarachy if she had wanted. I don't understand why she's so shrill about it." said Guragie. "That's the thing, the other thing she's so bitter about. Met my father, didn't she? Back in the days when they had more than two words a day to say to each other. Sacrificed her chance at a prestigious military career for love. He had already been to see Onashia before they met, he had already chosen to be a man.. She had to become a woman. But a maiden can't continue in the The-Mil (Guragie winced at Anubitu's use of the slang short form of Theocratic Military. Gu hated vulgar talk.) if she chooses to be a woman. Maidens are the only females allowed, which I think is ridiculous but there you go."

"You know the reason why" said Guragie, "if all the good jobs were open to women, no-one would ever choose to become male, and this planet would be taken over by the lizardings in three generations. Our species would die out. Remember what Olisaf said? Better a few women do washing and cooking and regret it than lizardings feasting on our bones."

"I always thought that was dinga poop." said Anubitu. "Olisaf always was melodramatic. He really should have chosen to be a woman when he went to the Spring a thousand years ago, he's such a wailing fishwife. Anyway, speaking of Mama, last time I went back to see her and Da, I heard about Lyrinas." "oh really?" said Gu. "Well", said Anu, "I should say, Lyrinasif." Guragie gasped a little, in spite of herself. "no-she became male? I don't believe it!" "Believe it-her family needed a man's wages, she pretty much had no choice but to ask Onashia to make her a man. Her two older sisters had already chosen to be women, she was the last one in the family who could support them. A seamstress or laundress's wages wouldn't keep Lyri's mama in the style to which she had become accustomed."

"Apparently she was in pieces about it, crying herself to sleep every night for a week before her Springday. But she had no choice. Womens' wages wouldn't pay the mortgage on the house. If she didn't become a man, her little nieces would be out on the street. Bad luck that her sisters' husbands were killed in the last war with Plumbum or she wouldn't have had to have added the old f". Guragie rolled her eyes at Anu's use of the rather silly slang term for choosing the male gender. "And of course it means that she might get called up when the next inevitable war starts and then, quite possibly, she-I mean he, will share the fate of his brother-in-law's, and then one of his nieces will have to get effed when; she doesn't want to. And so on and so forth."

"I can't imagine Lyri as a man."said Guragie. Did you see her-him?" she corrected herself quickly. Calling a Newman(even if you had known him in Maidenhood) by the female pronoun was considered extremely rude. "What does he look like? Does he look good as a man?" Gu and Anu both knew that the female-male transition was kinder to some than to others. Everyone knew Newmen who had looked better or worse as maidens. It was one of the things that young maidens would giggle about when they played 'When I go to the Spring'-will I look weird? Will I look better? The request for a kind transition was one of the traditional Springday Eve prayers, for those maidens who had made up their minds to be men.

"Didn't see him in person, but Mama showed me a lightdrawing, he looks much like she did when we knew her. Apart from the short hair. (Guragie recalled how Lyrinas' long braided hair had been her pride and joy-she imagined the newly named Lyrinasif's Springday feast. Just back off the train from the spring, his eyes streaming with tears at the traditional haircutting ceremony for Newmen...) He only went to the Spring five months ago, the transition's barely begun. Still got his boobs and everything." Anu did a slightly vulgar mime, Lyrinas' breasts had been larger than Anu's. Gu shot her a very disapproving look. Anu laughed. As ever, shocking Gu was hilarious.

Must have been hard on your Mama, after all she's a woman who regrets not becoming a man and Lyri is a man who regrets not staying a woman."

"I know, she must be steaming about it. But you know, everyone knows someone with a story like that."

"Yes", said Guragie as she looked down into the vast freedom of the Ri Maajon pool.

The reason why Anu's mama had to be female is because of the much hypothesised in Simoun fandom taboo against post-Spring same sex relationships. She didn't 'have' to be female in reality of course. But not if she didn't want to be an outcast in her rather rigid society. A lightdrawing is my Simulcrum word for a photograph. (which means 'light drawing' in Greek, of course).

I know that technically a Simulcrum maiden is not a woman although she is female. but the 'man who regrets not staying a woman' line was too good to weaken by substituting 'woman' with the more accurate 'female'. It would have lost the symmetry with the 'regrets not becoming a man' line. It still bugs me a bit though, because a Simulcrumese maiden who becomes a man has never been a woman, strictly speaking. I'll put it down as an error made when the translator first translated the text from the original Simulcrumese into English..!

This is about people in the Simoun world who made choices they regretted. Not everyone in that world regrets their choice. This little story is not anti-transgender in any way! I really hope it hasn't given that impression! I wanted to explore the characters' attitudes towards the gender change and the cultural influences on them. That's what really makes the Simoun world interesting to me.
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